Mike Horn en grande difficulté sur la banquise arctique !

La famille de Mike horn a sonné l’alerte ce samedi 23 novembre sur l’état de santé de l’aventurier.

Depuis deux mois et demi, l’aventurier de 53 ans est en expédition dans le pôle nord, le tout avec seulement un traîneau et des skis à travers des températures frôlant les -25 C°.

L’aventurier aurait fait une chute jusqu’au bassin dans une eau glacée en raison d’une banquise fragilisée par le réchauffement climatique. Cette mauvaise chute aurait entraîné des engelures aux orteils ainsi qu’au nez. Le moral du sud africain serait ainsi au plus bas.

Engelures sur les mains de Mike Horn suite à sa chute dans l’eau glacée

Il est en train de perdre la sensation de ses extrémités, c’est très inquiétant, continue-t-elle. Avec ma soeur Jessica, on veut qu’il rentre vite à la maison décrit sa fille

Il resterait encore 500 km à accomplir pour l’explorateur afin de rejoindre son voilier qui l’attend au Svalbard.

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Expedition Update 32: After fighting our way across this massive open water lead that has been haunting us for the past couple of days, we finally managed to make get to the other side. It is really tough when obstacles like these swallow up so much of our precious time. As the days go by, our food rations are decreasing and as it stands, at this progress rate we are not sure we will be able to reach the pickup point where Pangaea will be waiting for us at the latitude of approximately 82 degrees North. But we are also happy to know that soon this challenging expedition will be coming to an end and that although we were physically and mentally prepared, nature and the changes going on in the climate will always have the first word. In this photo, we can see @BorgeOusland eating breakfast. You will notice that he sleeps in a plastic bag, which we call vapor barrier liners. We use these to prevent the humidity of our bodies to travel into the sleeping back which would consequently cause the bag to freeze given the extreme cold temperatures. This isn’t optimal comfort, but after a while, you get used to it. The lack of sunlight is really starting to have an effect on our progression and our mindset. Although I have already travelled through constant darkness, I never realized as much as I do now, how essential light is for everything. The air is pure and clean up here, which is great for our physical health, but the lack of natural light is taking its toll on our mental health…It really is about finding that balance required to live a healthy and happy life. As humans we are designed to adapt and excel in different environments, but this doesn’t mean we are meant to survive in those environments. I love being in a situation where I can push my limits to come to these conclusions. It is only when you will be completely deprived from a fundamental human need, that you will understand the real worth of the gift that is life, and that the key to living it to the fullest usually lies in our very own hands. Still no sight of a single polar bear, Borge and I are really starting to wonder where they are all hiding?! #NorthPoleCrossing #Pole2Pole #MikeHorn

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